Upstick of strange sounds in June 2018 and nobody knows why

All the following videos were recorded in June 2018. They all feature Strange Sounds coming from somewhere… still mysterious. What do you think they are?

Strange Sounds June 2018

Strange Sounds – Baron, Oklahoma

Eerie sounds heard in the sky over Oklahoma City

‘Terrifying’ noise heard in the sky over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Strange sounds in the sky over Sanford, Florida

Strange ‘whistling sounds’ heard in the sky over Groningen, Netherlands

So what could they be?

Tectonic plates grinding – Tectonic plates are pieces of the Earth’s crust and uppermost mantle, together referred to as the lithosphere. The plates are around 100 km (62 mi) thick and consist of two principal types of material: oceanic crust (also called sima from silicon and magnesium) and continental crust (sial from silicon and aluminium).

Atmospheric pressure – Atmospheric pressure is defined as the force per unit area exerted against a surface by the weight of the air above that surface.

Trains shunting – Self explanatory – noise comes from trains in reaction to the track and overhead wires.

Construction – Building works, especially if going on at the same time across a specific area, can led to similar sounds.

Aliens – Can this be an alien lifeform in the sky, perhaps scouring out Earth?

HAARP weapon – Rumours persist that the U.S. government uses secret weapons in the sky for defence and weather modifying, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). This wouldn’t explain the sounds in other countries however…

The Apocalypse and the Seven Trumpets of Heaven – Seven trumpets are sounded, one at a time, to cue apocalyptic events that were seen in the vision of the Revelation of Christ Jesus, by John of Patmos. Somewhat more worrying as it would signal the end of the world…

What do you think those are?

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