UK weather warning: World to experience EXTREME heat for next FOUR YEARS | Science | News

While many have appreciated the scorching weather across the British Isles over the past few months, it has left the UK facing a number of severe issues.

Hosepipe bans have been enforced due to the drought which has also led to crop failures, with National Farmers Union president Guy Smith describing land as “being parched to the bone”.

The heatwave has also added pressure to the NHS, with nearly “3,000 incidents of hospitals overheating” according to shadow health secretary, Jon Ashworth.

However, it will be something that we may have to get used to.

A new forecasting technique which allows meteorologists to see well into the future led scientists to the conclusion that average ground and sea surface temperatures around the world could be abnormally high between 2018 and 2022.

This will lead to an increased likelihood of “extreme warm events”.

The new technique is known as Procast (Probabilistic forecast) and it takes the usually irrational and chaotic behaviour of Earth’s weather systems and moves to simplify them in order to predict a pattern.

Procast takes information from previous weather changes and adds it to a system to calculate the probability of them occurring in the future.

To do this, researchers retrospectively looked weather systems during the 1990s and used the to accurately predict the global warming pause, or “hiatus”, between 1998 and 2013.

The scientists, led by Dr Florian Sevellec, from the University of Brest in France, wrote in the journal Nature Communications: “For 2018-2022, the probabilistic forecast indicates a warmer than normal period, with respect to the forced trend (of global warming).

“This will temporarily reinforce the long-term global warming trend.

“The coming warm period is associated with an increased likelihood of intense to extreme temperatures.”

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