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US Navy radar footage of a mystery object with “glowing aura” said to “defy physics” also created headlines of “we are not alone” across the globe.

The clip was released by Luis Elizondo, a former US intelligence officer, who ran the Pentagon’s Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) before defecting to join To The Stars Academy, formed by former Blink 182 singer Tom DeLonge to expose “the truth about the UFO phenomenon.”

Mr Elizondo said after outing the AATIP that it is “likely we are not alone.”

Former US navy pilot David Fravor also came forward with his account of an inexplicable flying object that defied physics that was caught on his radar.

The combination of revelations, witness accounts, and the startling video had the UFO community in a frenzy, with many convinced an imminent announcement from the US Government that it is aware intelligent aliens are visiting Earth would follow.


A still from the US Navy footage (left) and an object snapped by a pilot.

But doubt has now been cast on whether the object shown in the video is even a UFO.

Sceptics at debunking website Metabunk.org have been analysing the footage to see if it does in fact “defy physics” as claimed.

Mick West, administrator of Metabunk.org, who has poured cold water on may previous claims of evidence of UFOs, came to the conclusion it could just be a misidentified plane in the far distance.

He wrote in a forum discussion about the video: “I’m thinking the black shape around the object is some kind of IR flare/glare. 

I think it’s probably a distant aircraft, as when the camera moves, the position of the object moves in sync with the far clouds, which tends to indicate it’s part of the environment.

Mick West

“We know that the shape of a very bright IR source, like the engine of a plane, can be much bigger than the object itself.

“Of note is the ‘cold’ glow around the hot sources, indicating that’s just a camera thing. 

“If people try to describe this as some kind of ‘aura’ or ‘field’ then they obviously have not done their homework.”

Metabunk uses videos and graphics to explain its findings, and he explained how under IR imaging the lights from a jet engine can blur into a large singular black form.

He said: “If it’s actually a distant airliner with a 200 foot wingspan, and the ‘saucer’ shape is actually flare, then the effective length on the long visual axis there would be more like 500 feet. Hence 120 miles away.”

So how did he explain the strange movements the object appeared to make in the footage?

He said it could be the plane turning in an opposite direction to the navy pilot’s camera.

Mr West wrote: “The sensor heading indicator is very interesting because it goes from 54°L to 6°R. 

“The orientation of the shape flips as it goes over from left to right.

“The plane is turning left, the camera is turning right.

“The change in angle of the camera appears fairly constant. 

“After more analysis I think it’s probably a distant aircraft, as when the camera moves, the position of the object moves in sync with the far clouds, which tends to indicate it’s part of the environment.” 

Metabunk member James Thorpe agreed, saying: “I believe it is a distant aircraft.


Metabunk used this graphic to show how the ‘UFO’ coudl have actually just been a plane.

“The camera is locked onto the object which is why it is so well stabilised. “As it changes its orientation the camera has to adjust accordingly which is why it loses lock for a short period of time.

“The IR dark black shows the heat from the other aircraft’s engines.”

Case solved?

UFO buffs are not convinced the theory can account for the witness testimony from pilots.

Metabunk’s theory was debated on the Reddit debate forum.

One user wrote: “The video in question comes from a gun cam. Fighter pilots are extremely well trained people. 

“To assume that they are incapable of using their equipment and are not competent to distinguish a plane from something unusual is really stretching it.

“Regardless, the body of years of honest research establishes that something not from our known civilisation is seen in the skies and in bodies of water. No amount of debunking will change those facts.”

Thomaswastaken added: “The events on video are corroborated by at least one pilot. 

“The videos, according to the source, are from two different jets, at two different times of day. 

“The debriefing from the event says that six pilots saw the object in person. “In addition, a ship and an E2 Hawkeye has the object on radar when acting as air traffic control. 

“Until you can explain multiple interacting lines of evidence, you’ve got no business attempting to debunk the account.”

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