NASA BOMBSHELL: ‘Alien disclosure?’ – space agency set to release UFO films says ‘source’ | Weird | News

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Mr Ruiz claimed a source in NASA said the footage has been passed for public disclosure.

He said: “NASA has volunteered two videos from their archives.

“They could be recent, or they could be maybe three or four years old — I don’t know.

“Obviously we’re going to see something clear, we’re going to see something that is very credible, without being challenged on its credibility.”

He made the claims in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel – it has been viewed thousands of times, reports.

Many so-called disclosure campaigners are convinced 2018 is the year the US Government will admit it has been in contact with intelligent aliens for years, but it was covered up.

They have been bouyed by revelations in December that there was a secret Pentagon probe into any threat posed by UFOs from 2007 to 2012.

Three videos of suspected UFOs caught on US Navy pilot radar cameras were also released leading many to claim it was proof we are not alone.

Viewers of Mr Ruiz’s video are hopeful he is correct.

One posted: “Very exciting, can’t wait to see these.”

Another added: “Great information, looking forward to seeing what they share with us, thanks a lot for keeping us in the loop.”

A third claimed: “NASA is sitting on a treasure trove of footage, two is a start — we’ll take it.”

There is no proof confirming aliens are visiting Earth, but thousands of people support a massive conspiracy theory that the US Government has been hiding the truth since the 1947 Roswell UFO incident.

The military announced it had found a crashed flying saucer, only to retract it the following day, saying it was a weather balloon.

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