Mysterious triangle appears in the sky over Kansas City, Missouri, USA in video and pictures

This huge triangle was observed in the sky over Kansas City, Missouri, USA on August 8, 2018 while driving south along the I-35 highway. What could this be?

This Huge “Cloaked” Triangle UFO was captured over Kansas City, Missouri on August 8, 2018. via Mufon, case 94009

The strange shape in the clouds was observed during 3 minutes by the eyewitness.

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What could it be? via Mufon, case 94009

As he drove out of the highway to the north, the mysterious shadow (of an unidentified flying object?) also disappeared behind the trees at the horizon.

This video of the strange sky phenomenon was submitted by the witness:

Here another video about the weird sky phenomenon:

Just another freaky mysterious cloud formation or…

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Mufon, case 94009

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