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The Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared without a trace en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 2014 with 239 people on board. Although the official investigation concluded the most likely location of the Boeing 777 is in the Indian Ocean, amateur ‘plane hunter’ Daniel Boyer believes he has spotted it in Cambodia using satellite images. Mr Boyer has now funded an expedition into the Cambodian jungle by Zorba Parer, director of an aerospace consultancy company in Phnom Penh.

According to Mr Boyer, Mr Parer previously flew out to disprove a rival theory by British video producer Ian Wilson, who thinks the plane lies around 10 miles away from Mr Boyer’s proposed crash site.

Mr Boyer said: “He has already gone to dismiss Ian Wilson’s satellite sighting 10 miles away, now he will investigate mine.

“Fortunately for me I am 1,000 percent confident it’s the plane crash.

“Using detailed analysis it is a 99.9714 percent chance of being the plane using ‘percentage of error’.

“The plane’s location will no longer be a mystery.”

The amateur researcher added Mr Parer has a whole search team to accompany him.

The scheduled start date was January 7.

Mr Parer will use drone footage to video the crash site should it be discovered.

Mr Boyer said: “I have waited too long for anyone to go there.

“Now I am using money out of my pocket to form a contract with Zorba Parer that is now finalised.

“He is a professional and greatly credited aviation executive.”

Mr Parer, who runs Zorba Parer Aerospace Consulting, said it was “founded in November 2017 after I had spent 20+ years training and working in the aerospace industry”.

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