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The lunar eclipse officially kicked off at 5.14pm Universal Time (UT) tonight when the Moon entered the Earth’s faint penumbral shadow.

The first stage of the eclipse, the penumbral eclipse, is relatively faint but signals better things to come in the next two hours.

At 6.24pmUT the partial eclipse will begin, when the Earth’s darker shadow, the umbra, bites into the glowing face of the Moon.

By 7.30pmUT the real spectacle will kick off when total eclipse begins and the Moon takes on a deep red to orange hue.

Follow here for the latest lunar eclipse Blood Moon photos as the moon sails across the night sky.

Ahead of totality, hundreds of thousands of moon-gazers in the nightside of Earth have gathered to welcome the Blood Moon.

The streets of Taiwan were bustling this evening with amateur astronomers and intrigued locals who noticed the fully lit Moon.

Hundreds armed with binoculars and telescopes took to the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall where they could catch a good view of the eclipsing moon.

Adults, children and the elderly alike were all photographed in the streets gazing at the night skies through their equipment.

Elsewhere, a breathtaking photograph of the full moon over Australia was snapped at the popular Bondi Beach resort.

At its reddest, the Blood Moon will last a staggering one hour and 43 minutes – the longest total lunar eclipse of the century.

Unfortunately, the eclipse will not be visible everywhere around the globe tonight.

The eclipse is mainly visible today from the Eastern Hemisphere, focusing over the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and East Coast of Africa.

You can by clicking here.

In the UK, the Blood Moon eclipse will not be visible until after moonrise sometime around 8.50pm BST.

Astronomer Andrew Coates said: “It’s the longest eclipse this century, so one hour and 43 minutes all together but in fact, we missed the first part of it because moonrise over the UK is after the eclipse is already in progress.

“So it is already going on, it will already be red when the Moon rises at 8.50pm to 9.30pm, depending on where exactly you are in the UK this evening.

“From London for example, look at the sky from 9pm onwards in a southeasterly direction.”

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