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What time will Asteroid 2018 CB pass Earth?

expects the asteroid to zoom past the UK at about 10.30pm GMT, travelling at five miles per second. 

For anyone wanting to watch the asteroid’s flyby, the Virtual Telescope Project will be hosting a live stream from location in Italy, beginning at 8pm GMT.

Viewers will be able to watch the stream using the video link below. 

A statement from the Virtual Telescope reads: “The observatory is placed at 1,300 meters above the sea level, in the Sonoran desert, providing one of the best skies in the world.”

Another small asteroid passed within lunar distance this week.

Known as 2018 CC, the smaller rock made its closest approach to Earth on 6 February at a distance of about 184,000km (114,000 miles).

An asteroid also passed Earth on Super Bowl Sunday, according to NASA. 

The space agency’s Asteroid Watch Twitter account said: “The best pass of Super Bowl Sunday is at 4.31pm ET when asteroid 2002 AJ129 harmlessly passes Earth by over 2.6 million miles (4.2 million km), or over 10 lunar distances.”

Anything that comes closer than 4,650,000 miles of Earth is classified by NASA as a “near-Earth object” (NEO).

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