Will December 2018 make you RICH? Rare FIVE WEEKENDS phenomenon fulfils Chinese PROPHECY | Weird | News

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A month in which five full weekends happen – consisting of Friday, Saturday and Sunday – is called “silver pockets full” in Chinese culture. It is supposed to bring good luck – as well as bundles of cash, as a result of the Chinese concept of feng shui. The news has been widely publicised on social media, as well as chain letters claiming “the one who does not forward…will be without money”.

Posts usually feature emphasise the rareness of the occurrence.

Another widely circulated message states it only happens “once every 823 years”.

It adds: “So: send this message to your friends and in four days the money will surprise you. Based on Chinese Feng Shui.

“Whoever does not transmit the message may find themselves clueless. This is not fun at all…”

The twitter hashtag #SilverPocketsFull features numerous references to the 823 years figure.

Diane Hessan wrote: “This August has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays & 5 Sundays. It happens only every 823 years!”

Reta Coffman adds: “August is Silver Pockets Full…5 full weekends. Once in a lifetime.”

However, in actual fact it is not actually all that unusual to have five full weekends in the course of a month.

It happens every time a month with 31 days starts on a Friday.

The last time the world witnessed one was not 823 years ago, but rather more recently, last December in fact.

The website www.circlesofexcellence.com acknowledges the 823 figure to be a “myth”.

However, it adds: “The Chinese, and many Asian cultures, believe that this is a month to be grateful and appreciate the abundance you have while sharing what you have with others. 

“This opens your pockets to receive more – thus the idea of pockets full of silver!

“The first step to creating this abundant life is to first notice all the goodness that surrounds you every day.

“Abundance comes when you open yourself up to receive by being grateful, sharing, and helping others.

“In doing so, you open the door to receive more.”

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