UFO sighting: Mystery object spotted above Amsterdam tornado sparks theories | Weird | News

The strange object sparked theories of possible extraterrestrial sightings  and even “dark angels”. A video showed the mystery object on YouTube channel Mavi777, which depicts a strange glowing object flying in the sky above the tornado. One user commented on the video claiming the “orb lights” are the “fallen ones”.

The user claimed that “cattle mutilations are the work of these orbs which are dark angels.”

They continued: “They are also responsible for the crop circles.”

Another said: “Unbelievable footage. We are not alone.”

However, one user offered a more mundane explanation for the flying object.

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They said that the objects are just weather drones sent to gauge the power of the tornado.

Another strange phenomenon was spotted this month in the skies above Brazil.

A massive shining figure was recorded flying in the cloudy sky.

The footage showed the peculiar entity changing direction whilst maintaining its shape.

A video was uploaded on YouTube showing a T-shaped shining object roughly resembling an angel in a long robe.

The cameraman said in the video: “It looks like light refraction but then again it looks like some type of energy source.

“It’s even got the harmonious appearance of an angel.”

An explanation for both events remains unclear.

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