UFO sighting: Fiery trail from mysterious object spotted shooting through sky on New Years | Weird | News

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Early risers on New Year’s Day were treated to a shocking sight when they noticed a mysterious object shooting through the sky. Along Treasure Coast beach in Florida, what looked like a rocket or missile with a fiery trail behind it was photographed by onlookers. A former Strategic Air Command historian may have cracked the mystery as he offered a possible explanation.

WPTV reporter Matt Sczesny spoke to witnesses who were convinced they saw some kind of missile or rocket out on the beach.

He said: “NASA had no scheduled launches today.

“We couldn’t get through to the Pentagon for a comment on this.

“But again, the many who saw it out on the beach earlier this morning were very surprised.”

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Local photographer, John Simard, said he saw it “just south of due east” right before the sunrise on the beach in Fort Pierce.

He told WPTV: “It looked like a fiery trail going up out of the ocean.

“I started firing off pictures, and then I noticed a speck of light above the cocktail so I zoomed in.

“I was able to get a couple of pictures of what clearly appeared to be some kind of rocket going up, or missile.”

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