UFO sighting: Anomaly spotted in Space Shuttle Atlantis photo sparks NASA conspiracy claim | Weird | News

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Self-styled alien expert Scott Waring took to his etdatabase.com blog to speculate about the bizarre find. He said: “I found what I believe to be a UFO passing below the Space Shuttle Atlantis while in Earth’s orbit.”

The conspiracy theorist believes this image to be only the latest in a NASA archive which allegedly included evidence of the notorious Black Knight satellites.

I found what I believe to be a UFO passing below the Space Shuttle Atlantis while in Earth’s orbit

Scott Waring

Waring added: “I am fairly certain this too is a UFO that has been mistakenly labeled as a satellite.

“We all heard about the Shuttle Atlantis being followed by several UFOs.”

NASA shuttle managers in 2006 debated whether simple camera views, a third heat shield survey or possibly even a spacewalk were required to address a mystery object near the Space Shuttle Atlantis which delayed the spacecraft’s planned Wednesday landing.

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UFO sighting: Conspiracy theorists claim to have spotted a UFO passing below the Atlantis shuttle (Image: Getty)


The NASA image details vaguely describes the incident as a “satellite deployment” (Image: NASA)

NASA’s shuttle program manager Wayne Hale told reporters at the time: “We have ruled out nothing and we’ll take the time that it needs to take.”

Waring added: “Well, it looks like one of those UFOs got caught close up in these photos.”

The anomaly was captured during the STS-61B mission in late November 1985.

The NASA image has been catalogued in the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth as taking place many miles over the Chinese coast.

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The image details vaguely describes the incident as a “satellite deployment”.

Waring said: “This is the first time I have seen something described as a ‘satellite deployment’ without saying more about the satellite’s mission.”

“So unless this is a super-top secret satellite mission this object could well be a UFO.”

The image under analysis is in fact one of a series of four.


The anomaly was captured during the STS-61B mission in late November 1985 (Image: Getty)


The Shuttle Atlantis was reportedly followed by several UFOs in the 1990s (Image: Getty)

The photo is of an apparently disk-shaped object viewed from above.

There is a clearly-defined raised area around the anomaly’s middle, while there appears to be ridged parts across the edges.

Waring believes the photographic series indicates the anomaly is on a trajectory away from an Earth orbit into space.

He said: “Satellites do not normally travel into space.

“Satellites normally stick round in Earth orbit.

“That is a little confusing to me – why would a satellite be doing this?”

The dubious claims quick attracted scores of YouTube comments.

Curtis Hill appeared to be convinced by the NASA conspiracy claims, writing: “That’s not a satellite it’s a UFO like you say! Looks to be a disc type!”

And YouTube viewer MeT L Head agreed, writing : “I’m leaning towards your belief with this one.

“If it were a NASA satellite, it would be labeled every where on that object.”

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