UFO NEWS: Former MoD man’s shock statement amid claims ‘he covers up UFO truth’ | Weird | News

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Nick Pope worked for the British MoD from 1985 to 2006, and between 1991 to 1994 ran extensive enquiries into any potential defence threat posed by the UFO phenomenon.

The project was shut down with the conclusion there was no threat.

Now based in the US, Mr Pope tours the globe speaking at UFO and alien-related conferences, as well as describing on documentaries what he has unearthed.

Mr Pope has recently been open about the fact that, although he believes aliens must exist somewhere in the universe, and that there have been some inexplicable UFO sightings, he does NOT believe any ETs have ever made it to Earth.

His views have left him the target of what he says are unfounded claims that he is still working for the Government, to push out “misinformation” and discredit those who claim there is a huge global cover up to hide the fact aliens are here but the truth is hidden.

He told Express.co.uk: “I accept there are people out there who think I’m still secretly working for the government, helping to cover all this up, I promise I’m not.”

Mr Pope has even campaigned for the release of the last batch of MoD files on previous investigations carried out, the last of which were sent to the National Archives on New Year’s Day.

It was a ten year slog to get them all out he said.

However, Mr Pope, said many people remained unsatisfied, and says some conspiracy theorists still believe “all the god stuff has been held back” and the releases were more “disinformation.”

There is a widely believed conspiracy theory that aliens actually live in secret bases in the US, and the government has agreed to keep them hidden away, in return for the technology to build flying saucers.

Mr Pope says there is no evidence to suggest this is true.

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