UFO LATEST: ‘Leaked’ radar footage shows ‘UFO destroy US military drone with laser’ | Weird | News

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The footage, which has received more than 160,000 views, is supposedly leaked government footage, according to alien conspiracy theorists.

In the clip, the cross-hairs of the predator drone are seen soaring over a mountain range.

It appears to be tracking a small object in the distance in the desert-like landscape.

The mystery craft being tailed then disappears, but when the drone follows it, a bright light is seemingly fired directly at it from the unknown object.

The video then scrambles, suggesting the military craft has been destroyed.

YouTube channel UFO Today posted the clip amid claims a military source had explained the video seemed genuine.

He said: “Some ex-military people told me that this footage seems genuine drone footage.”

The YouTuber also claimed his “source” said the attack was the “tip of the iceberg” as “there seems to be an increase of UFO’s interacting with military drones”.

Viewers of the film had mixed views on its authenticity, with many thinking it was just a hoax.

One posted: “Is that real? Why would they allow this to be released if it was?”

Another added: “They’re finally here, this has to be proof.”

And a third commented: “So obviously edited.”

UFO Today appears on a number of “UFO blacklists” of websites and website channels compiled by sceptical hoax debunkers.

They claim the channel has been known to present previously seen and debunked material as new broadcasts.

The UFO and alien subject is awash with many hoaxers, which infuriates genuine researchers.

Scott Brando, who runs debunking website ufoofinterest.org suspected the video is old footage, and is investigating with other sceptics.

UFO Today, which is based in the Netherlands, told Express.co.uk that it believes Mr Brando has closed his mind on the topic.

A spokesman messaged us via Twitter, saying: “It’s like a record needle that’s stuck in a groove repeating the words: fake, hoaxer, disinformation, etc… I guess he just doesn’t believe in UFO’s and is on a personal quest to convince people of his world view.”

He added that with  “at least 100 thousand million stars in the Milky Way alone” and outside that billions of other galaxies, it left two choices.

He said: “We are the only place in the universe where intelligent life exists or there are millions and millions of planets in the universe that contain intelligent life.

“It’s safe to assume that some of these civilisations are millions of years more advanced than us, doesn’t that mean that some of them might visit earth using advanced spaceships (aka UFO’s)?” 

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