UFO hunters discover alien base on Google Moon maps – bizarre pyramid found | Weird | News

Conspiracy theorists were sent into a frenzy when a massive structure was spotted on the moon.

Many jumped to the conclusion that it was an alien base or monument, and believe the likes of NASA are covering something up.

The strange moon-pyramid was spotted using Google’s search tool Google Moon.

The coordinates to find the ‘monolith’ on Google Moon are 20 ° 48’45.54 “N 25 ° 59’50.89” W.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Argentinian Marcelo Irazusta, the man-made-looking structure seems to be an anomaly on the surface on the moon.

A description from Mr Irazusta alongside the video reads: “A strange elevation of hundreds of meters in the middle of a plain of the Moon is a mystery that must be revealed.

“Everything seems to indicate that it could be a non-natural structure. It is really awesome.”

Many people were left baffled by the discovery, believing NASA is covering something up.

One person wrote: “When will people wake up from NASA’s lies?”.

Another added: “What a find – they will have to cover that one up.”

And a third added: “Pyramids on the moon – wow, this could change science.”

However, others were not so convinced, claiming the anomaly was simply rendering issues from Google Moon.

One person simply put: “Nice glitch”.

This is not the first time a moon-like structure has been found on the lunar surface.

Some conspiracy theorists claims the moon could be occupied by aliens and that is the reason NASA has not returned since the Apollo missions ended in the 1970s.

They suspect findings such as this pyramid and other anomalies could be monuments built by an ancient alien civilisation similar to the pyramids and other structures on Earth.

Similar anomaly hunters have found what they believe could be pyramids on Mars and other parts of the moon.

One popular, but far-fetched, conspiracy theory claims our ancestors who built the pyramids were visited by superior aliens who helped them construct them.

However, sceptics and NASA say the pyramid and other similar findings are just the effects of pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures such as a rock surface.

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