UFO ALERT: Massive rise in sightings over Alaska as earthquakes strike | Science | News

The ominous presence has prompted concern that the extra terrestrial activity and the quakes could be related.

Conspiracy theorists believe Alaska is a prime spot for UFOs because it has a small population and lots of land.

Frank Hoogerbeets, based in the Netherlands, claims to be able to predict when earthquakes will happen based on the alignments of planets in our solar system.

Mr Hoogerbeets told Express.co.uk: “The magnitude 8 earthquake in Alaska is a wake-up call that more large seismic activity is coming, especially in the first week of March.”

Footage shows the UFOs appearing to hover over the snow in Alaska after gliding through the sky.

It comes after a powerful earthquake struck off an island in the Gulf of Alaska, prompting a tsunami threat that sent the US state’s residents along the southern coast and western Canada fleeing for higher ground.

After a few intense hours, the tsunami warning was cancelled, allowing people to return home from shelters. 

There were no immediate reports of damage, not even on Kodiak Island, the closest land to the epicentre of the magnitude 7.9 quake.

For Alaskans accustomed not only to tsunami threats but also to regular drills, the early morning alert that made mobile phone alarms go off still created some fretful moments. 

The phone message read: “Emergency Alert. Tsunami danger on the coast. Go to high ground or move inland.”

The magnitude 7.9 earthquake was recorded in the Pacific Ocean at 12:32am about 170 miles southeast of Kodiak, home to one of the nation’s largest Coast Guard bases.

Elsewhere in the United States, Washington state, Oregon, California and Hawaii were under tsunami watches, which eventually were lifted. Officials in Japan say there was no tsunami threat there.

People reported on social media that the quake was felt hundreds of miles away, in Anchorage. Reports varied about how long the quake’s shaking lasted, depending on where you were.

Alaska’s fire chief Eddie Athey said the quake felt like a gentle rattle and lasted for up to 90 seconds.

He said: “It went on long enough that you start thinking to yourself, ‘Boy, I hope this stops soon because it’s just getting worse’.” 

The earthquake woke Kodiak Police Lieutenant Tim Putney from his sleep. He estimates it shook for at least 30 seconds but admits his time frame might be skewed by sleeping through some of it.

He said: “I’ve been in Kodiak for 19 years that was the strongest, longest lasting one I’ve ever felt.”

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