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The said reduced rainfall and rising temperatures will decimate Mexico’s ability to produce food. As a result, the country will rely on aid from the US to keep its growing population from starving. The anonymous man who only goes by the name of Noah, claims to be stuck in the year 2018 without means of travelling back to the future. He is now on a mission to spread the news of time travel before the US declassifies the technology to the public in the year 2028.

Speaking to paranormal investigators from YouTube conspiracy channel ApexTV, time traveller Noah claimed the Mexican food crisis will extend into the Southern US states.

He said: “In the year 2030, Mexico’s population is 133 million, which is actually a lot copied to what they have right now.

“As the food crisis continues, families are actually moving further north into the big cities rather than living in the countryside.

“The food crisis in Mexico is really bad. Trust me.


“It’s one huge issue and despite all the development in Mexico, the food crisis is probably the biggest.

On the upside, Noah said Mexico’s drug cartels and drug trafficking problems are eradicated by the year 2030.

He said: “I know a lot about the cartel disappearing and everything because I was staying it and that’s one of the things I was studying before I was kicked out as a time traveller in 2017.

“I’ve went to Mexico several times in the past, present and future.”

The supposed time traveller added Canada and America will merge into one giant “district” at some point in the coming years.

Mexico will attempt to merge with the neighbouring country as well, forming the world’s “biggest superpower”.

However, not everyone was convinced by the incredibly bizarre claims made by the anonymous man.

Manevski Zoran commented on the YouTube video, saying: “When someone hides his face he hides the truth. I don’t like this.”

Brady Merchan said: “Does anybody think all this might be fake because the first vid about a time traveller went viral and then more people kept telling ApexTV only and now there more and more vids about time traveller kept coming out more and more will so these might be all fake.”

And Judy Reed said: “There are no such things as time travellers.”

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