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The anonymous time traveller, who would not share his name out of security concerns, arrived in the current timeline via fourth-dimensional . The time traveller bizarrely claimed he cannot reveal too much about the future without causing “temporal paradoxes”, which could permanently alter the future. But he was allowed to let slip some details about where humanity is headed even if he could not give specifics timestamps for future cataclysms. Speaking to the YouTube channel TheTimeAuthority in 2014, the mysterious man said his actions were being monitored by higher powers who keep track of changes in the timeline.

According to the time traveller, the peace and balance of the time stream are kept by a shady organisation known as the Time Authority.

The time traveller claimed the Time Authority makes sure the chronological progression of global events and history stays in check.

He said: “The Time Authority, they’re an organisation whose job it is to keep the chronological stream from veering in any one direction.

“They would tell you they’re here to protect you. They work hard and they’re tough.


“You don’t want to get their attention. They can make my life very difficult if I give you too many specific details.

“They’re here, they’re everywhere, of course. They know how the interview is going to end.

“If they didn’t appreciate what we’re doing now, they would have already stopped it.”

Among the time travellers more outlandish stories, where claims of cataclysm in the future.


The time traveller also said humanity is on the verge of doing away with money in exchange for some other form of currency.

And all of these events will supposedly soon in the foreseeable future.

He said: “Money as you know it, disappears relatively soon after this interview but the end of money is actually a good thing.

“Your children and great-grandchildren will certainly see catastrophe. When societies collapse, it’s not pretty.”


The alleged time traveller then went on to say limited resources of the modern age, such as food, energy and money are no longer and issue in the future.

But he would not share any specific details out fear the Time Authority would “come down hard” on him.

He told his interviewer: “We know that what I’m doing, that the organisation that I’m part of, the stuff we do works.

“And it is not for you to question our methods. We don’t need proof. All we need is to encourage innovators.”

However, not everyone who saw the bizarre video hosted on YouTube was convinced by the blurred man’s story.

One person, Ricky Chon, said: “You can already tell this is fake because the English language would change dramatically of the time traveller went back 1,000 years.”

David Quintana said: “I hope that time travelling becomes a reality in my lifetime so I can go back and want myself not to waste my time watching this video.”

And Brad Louis said: “Such a waste of time, it’s a fake, and the video is full of lies.”

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