The Whispering Bench in Philadelphia

You don’t know where to tell your loved one how much she/ he counts for you?

Just in front of Memorial Hall in West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, sits the impressive Smith Memorial Arch honoring Pennsylvania’s Civil War military and naval heroes. And the most unique aspect of this piece of architecture are the whispering benches at the base of the arch.

A person sitting at one end of the bench can whisper into the wall behind him. A second person sitting at the opposite end can clearly hear what is being said.

If you live in Philadelphia and surroundings, go to the Smith Memorial Arch at Philadelphia’s Memorial Hall, and place her/him on one side, go to the other and whisper some words of love… She/He will be more than amazed! Like in the video below:

It took 15 years to complete this monument to Civil War vets which features the sounding stone benches situated at its base.

The benches carry sound in such a way that a person can whisper into the wall from one side of the seat to someone at the other end.

This arch was build to operate like a smaller version of the “Whispering Wall” in Australia.

Just try out those whispering benches in Philadelphia. It’s fantastic!

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