SpaceX Falcon Heavy LIVE updates: Starman Tesla nears asteroid belt | Science | News

  • On Tuesday at 8.45pm GMT, SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • The Falcon Heavy is twice as powerful as any other rocket that has ever been created before 
  • A Tesla cherry red roadster was attached to the rocket to be used as a mock payload
  • The Tesla and its ‘driver’ starman are now nearing the asteroid belt on a mission for Mars
  • Founder Elon Musk celebrated the launch as a success brings you the latest news and updates on the Falcon Heavy mission. All times in GMT.

09.12am: Droves of sceptics and disbelievers have accused SpaceX of faking the launch

Flat Earthers, who are individuals who cling on to the disproven theory that the Earth is a flat disk and not an oblate sphere, claimed the stream was CGI.

The official Flat Earth Society Twitter page said today:  “People who believe that the Earth is a globe because ‘they saw a car in space on the Internet’ must be the new incarnation of ‘It’s true, I saw it on TV!’ 

“It’s a poor argument. Why would we believe any privately-held company to report the truth?”

9.00am: Elon Musk revealed today the final rocket burst worked better than intended

The speeding Tesla in now on an interstellar path which will take it out towards the massive Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. 

A star chart tweeted out by Mr Musk reveals the Roadster will come close to crossing paths with Ceres, a dwarf planet within the belt and orbit of Neptune. 

But even if the Roadster avoids any major collisions on its journey, the billion year orbit will most likely be cut short by intense space radiation.

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