San Proper and Ata Kak at Strange Sounds From Beyond — Anna’s Hi8 recording part 3/8

Lo-fi Hi8-filmed love letters from Strange Sounds From Beyond

This is a lo-fi Hi8-filmed collection of home video clips from Strange Sounds From Beyond. The shots are grainy and shaky, but once you settle in the retro look you begin to follow the story. It is almost a love affair unfolding before your eyes, artists (on stage and backstage) and flamboyant festival people.

The filming and editing is done by Anna Bogomolova, Blitzkickers’ editor-in- chief, producer and director. Although filming is not her primary vehicle, as she is normally powering the entire process on the set and edits, this time it was Anna’s own experiment.

Strange Sounds From Beyond was throwing back to the 80s and 90s with artists like Ata Kak, Gilles Peterson, Vakula, Omar Souleyman, Antal and others — the nostalgic warming sound perfectly matching the Hi8 visual aesthetics.

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