Russia News: Extreme water receding in Kholmsk and eruption of Ebeko volcano in videos

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Some weird things happened on March 20, 2018 in Russia. Today, ocean waters almost disappeared from Kholmsk, panicking residents living on the southwest coast of the Sakhalin Island. A day before the Ebeko volcano, situated on the northern end of Paramushir Island in the Kuril Islands, erupted, sending a plume of ash and gas two kilometers above sea level.

Extreme water receding in Russia on March 20, 2018.

People started panicking on March 20, 2018 around 6pm, as the water receded as far as the eyes could reach. A similar phenomenon occurred as Nevelsk was heavily damaged by the 2007 Sakhalin earthquake, leaving about two thousand people homeless.

In comparison to the earthquakes in the Sea of Japan, the Nevelsk earthquakes were anomalous in many respects. They generated three tsunami waves of up to 3.2 m, a massive release of methane from the coal beds in the coastal zone of 40 km in length, an uplift of benches in the area of Nevelsk sea port, and the massive destruction of buildings (>200), bridges, railway and automobile roads.

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The water disappeared helped by a strong storm offshore and the the lowest tides in the area.

For officials, the very low tide was produced by the cumulation of a powerful storm offshore and the lowest tide in the area. In Nevelsk, however, the water disappeared because of the resulting tsunami and the uplift. Moreover, a tsunami has never been reported in the Tatar Strait over the entire history of observations.

On March 19, 2018, the Ebeko volcano erupted:

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