Geyser erupts in the middle of Genesee Avenue near I-5 in San Diego video

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That is insane again! A giant geyser has erupted on March 20, 2018, around 11 a.m. on Genesee Avenue just west of Interstate 5 in San Diego. All lanes of traffic on Genesee Ave. were shut down in both directions. Public Utilities Department crews were able to shut off the water at about 12 p.m. in University City.

A towering geyser erupted violently in the middle of Genesee Avenue just west of Interstate 5. via

Here a video of the giant geyser that has flooded and closed down all lines of the Genesee Avenue. Compare its size with that of the fire truck beside! OMG!

The incident occurred by nearby construction for a trolley line. Officials say, a contractor hit a 6-inch diameter blowoff valve connecting to a 30-inch diameter water main.

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ABC10 NEWS, Fox6 San Diego

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