PROOF OF AFTERLIFE? Terrifying ‘ghost’ caught on CCTV ‘haunting family home’ | Weird | News

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In the short clip, we see a white figure moving towards a baby’s cot.

The bizarre apparition then appears to turn away and takes off in a completely different direction, seemingly making its way to the kitchen area, before completely disappearing from the screen.

Uploaded to YouTube channel Ghost Finder the video was then shared on popular website

The description of the footage says: “I have had a lot of paranormal activity in my home — so I got a surveillance system for indoor and out.”

“This is what I got in the first three weeks.”

It is unclear where the clip was captured.

Footage from the same home of the “ghost” has made it online before.

Last week, similar video emerged from an identical room, showing what the channel claimed to be a ghost haunting their family home, as her daughter was in the same room.

This followed a series of ghostly video uploads, including a phone being flung off the receiver in Britain’s most haunted pub and a series of ghostly images found on Google Maps.

There is no scientific proof of ghosts but, as one of the most popular paranormal beliefs, tens of thousands of people across the globe are convinced some of us live on after death and energies from these spirits can be captured on camera.

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