Panic in Nnewi as stream dries up, emits unquenshable flames and spews foul odor in Anambra State, Nigeria

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A stream dried up. Then the ground at Umuzu Mbana village, Otolo, Nnewi in Nigeria has reportedly begun to emit flames and a strange odor. The President of the community said that when the villagers sighted the fire, they thought it was something they could just contain and put out with water. But surprisingly that was nothing like expected. Flames were unquenshable and panicked people flew away!

A river direi up. Then a fire started. It is unquenshable and stinks terribly!

At Umuzu Mbana village, Otolo, Nnewi, a waterfall and the resulting stream (Oduga) have suddenly dried up. The mysterious disappearance was followed by a weird, unquenshable bush fire and a very bad odor that have sent the villagers packing in distress. Many of the villagers were said to have relocated to other neighborhoods, but others are still trapped in the village helplessly.

The President General of the community, Hon Afam Muodelo, said the stream was the source of potable water for the villagers. He said the water was the cleanest of all. But, it was around January 2018 when the villagers began to perceive foul odour all over the place and nobody could understand what was going on. The comminity sent people to resolve the mystery. They came back saying the bad smell was coming from the stream site which had dried up some months earlier, and which was actually burning alive.

The flames were unquenshable… Mysterious!

Health and emergency officials were drawn to the site with no solution at sight and argued each villagers should start drinking milk morning and night, every day, as a preventive measure against health hazards. But it is most probable that everybody can afford this quantity on a daily basis.

Geologists and officials have currently no clues about what is happening in the community of Nigeria right now.

Is this stench due to the river mud or something decomposing? Or to oil? Nigeria is indeed full of ‘black’ gold and oil fire cannot be extinguished only with water. Or gas coming out of a crack from deep underground?

Why did the water suddenly dry up? A crack in the Earth? A huge sinkhole? Is a volcano awakening? As seen at Kilauea in Hawaii, eruptions trigger large cracks, emit gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, a gas that smells like eggs gone bad.

In any cases, it is very shocking that so-called environmental analysts and health experts are advising residents in the area to take 2 tins of milk daily to prevent a health crisis.

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Anambra State Online
Oduga Stream In Nnewi Dries Up; Emits Flames, Offensive Odor! – Science/Technology – Nairaland

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