Ocean outgassing causing strong odor in Oceanside, California – But it is unknown what’s behind the outgassing

What’s that smell please? The Oceanside Police Department told residents not to panic after the department received several calls about a strong smell. According to authorities, the smell is outgassing from the ocean and is non-toxic.

The ocean is outgassing in Oceanside, California, frightening residents. via Google Earth

Ocean outgassing happens when the ocean releases gasses that were trapped or dissolved.

A similar incident was reported in La Jolla earlier this year. The next video features a similar case of foul, gas-like odor taht rolled inn from the ocean in Southern CA on July 25, 2012:

At this time, it’s unclear what is causing the outgassing. Well people, this region is seismically very active. It wouldn’t surprise me that this smell has a geological explanation. Or is it more likely to be man-made (oil, gas, so geology at the end…)?

In any cases: Take care. Be prepared.

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10 News – Ocean outgassing causing strong odor in Oceanside

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