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“Houston, We Have a Podcast” is the official podcast of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

The online broadcast is a place for live discussion on a variety of topics concerning space flight, astronomy and engineering.

Podcast host Gary Jordan celebrated the show’s one year anniversary on June 20, with the release of episode 52, which is now available online.

He said: “Houston, we have a birthday.

How to listen to the NASA podcast online

The weekly NASA podcast is hosted on a variety of mobile and desktop platforms, making it the perfect broadcast to listen to on the go or at home.

Android and iOS users can find the NASA podcast online via the Google Play store or Apple’s dedicated Apple Podcasts app respectively.

Alternatively, every episode of the podcast is free to listen to and download on Soundcloud.

NASA’s podcast is also available online via old-school RSS Feed.

You can find the full list of podcast episodes and relevant platform links to We.

What is discussed on NASA’s podcast?

The podcast discusses a wide variety of topics covering everything from astronaut food to meteorites and the hunt for extraterrestrial life.

NASA said: “We bring  right to you! On this podcast, you’ll learn from some of the brightest minds of America’s space agency as they discuss topics in engineering, science, technology and more.

“You’ll hear firsthand from astronauts what it’s like to launch atop a rocket, live in space and re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

“And you’ll listen in to the more human side of space as our guests tell stories of behind-the-scenes moments never heard before.”

The show is hosted by Gary Jordan, NASA’s public affairs officer and former external relations program specialist.

Die-hard NASA fans will recognise Mr Jordan as a live TV commentator on many of NASA’s broadcasts, news conferences and Facebook Live events.

In the anniversary episode of the podcast, Mr Jordan was joined by his co-hosts and fellow podcast staff to reminisce about the show’s creation.

He said:“I researched the industry and found out that lots of people listen to podcasts.

“Who knew, right? This industry is enormous.

“It’s been growing exponentially every single year. So I thought it was almost prudent for us to enter into that space and here we are.

“It took us a while to actually get off the ground just because we had to – we had to build it from scratch and I had to figure out how to do a podcast, how to create weekly content, and how to make sure we did everything right.

“Because NASA has a particular way of doing things.”

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