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William Langewiesche, a pilot turned writer, believes questions will be left unanswered even if the Malaysia Airlines wreckage is found.The shock disappearance has left theorists baffled as huge searches haven’t uncovered the plane despite debris washing up. But Mr Langewiesche has explained finding the wreckage now would not answer why the plane was downed.

Mr Langewiesche wrote in The Atlantic: “Finding the wreckage and the two black boxes may accomplish little.

“The cockpit voice recorder is a self-erasing two-hour loop, and is likely to contain only the sounds of the final alarms going off, unless whoever was at the controls was still alive and in a mood to provide explanations for posterity.

“The other black box, the flight-data recorder, will provide information about the functioning of the airplane throughout the entire flight, but it will not reveal any relevant system failure, because no such failure can explain what occurred.”

His comments follow theories Captain Zahaire Ahmad Shah had committed suicide and killed 238 passengers on board.

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But he explained this theory couldn’t be proved unless Mr Shah provided a monologue before allegedly downing the plane.

Mr Langewiesche added: “At best it will answer some relatively unimportant questions, such as when exactly the airplane was depressurised and how long it remained so, or how exactly the satellite box was powered down and then powered back up.

“The denizens of the internet would be obsessed, but that is hardly an event to look forward to.”

MH370 disappeared in 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China.

The Boeing 777 last communicated with air traffic control at 1.19am on March 8.

Radar data showed the jet suddenly changed course and flew back across Malaysia before turning south of Penang and then towards the southern Indian Ocean.

After hours of airtime, date showed the plane make a steep decline into the ocean.

The data has influenced search areas to be based in the Indian Ocean, west of Australia.

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