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A BBC documentary called ‘Life after Death: How seven kids came back from the dead’ depicted how the six children who died when their boat tipped over in an icy lake managed to come back to life. The documentary showed how one survivor called Katrine – who is now in her mid 20s – and Casper revealed how back in 2011 their school trip went disastrously wrong. The children, who were a part of a bigger group, fell into icy cold water and “died”.

Allegedly, their hearts stopped beating for several hours.

In the largest known incident of its kind, all seven children came back to life.

Eight years later, Katrine, who was 16 at the time, broke down in tears as she returned to the Danish fjord where she almost died.

Katrine said: “I remember now. It was so freezing – it was so cold. There was ice on the water.”

Other known survivor Casper added: “It was hard weather. It was very windy. The boat flipped in the middle of the sea, then all the people fell out.”

Katrine reflected on the nightmare, saying that everyone was screaming and panicking.

She said: “When I came up from the water, the nightmare began. Everybody was screaming and everything was unreal.

“You could just see the panic. The teacher said that we had to swim in, because otherwise we would die.”

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Katrine managed to swim to shore but didn’t have enough strength in her legs to get to any emergency services.

Luckily for the children, one of her school friends ran over a mile to alert emergency services.

By the time the medics arrived, the children had been dead for over two hours.

The man who helped the children was Dr Michael Jaegar Wansche who said: “They felt cold – they were ice cold. When you’re as cold as they were, we know we can resuscitate. They are dead, but they’re not really dead. We still had a chance.”

The hypothermia stopped their hearts but had also managed to slow down their metabolism so their organs could still warm up and start working again.

He added: “At that point, we aimed at warming the blood one degree per 10 minutes.

“Casper was 17.5 when he came in. He recovered and had his normal heart rhythm back around 26 degrees.

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