It Was Just A Small Nuclear Reactor Explosion

Spike in Radioactivity After Mysterious Rocket Test Explosion in Russia – Residents Rush on Iodine Pills in Severodvinsk, Russia (pictured above). Photo: Sergei Bobylev/TASS

The nuclear reactor explosion caused a brief spike in radiation in the nearby port city of Severodvinsk.

The official statement on the local administration’s website was later removed. Now, the Russian military said radiation levels were normal but disclosed few details about the incident.

The blast occurred Aug. 8 during a test of a missile that used “isotope power sources” on an offshore platform in the Arkhangelsk region, close to the Arctic Circle.

The Defense Ministry initially reported five were killed in the accident, which it said involved testing of a liquid-fueled missile engine.

Russian officials say it wasn’t a nuclear warhead missile. However they also said they are working on building a nuclear powered cruise missile that can fly indefinitely.

Ya like… forgive us if we’re skeptical, but last time they said a nuclear incident wasn’t that bad it was fucking Chernobyl.

So if we don’t take them at their word right off the bat, they shouldn’t be surprised.

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