Fish fall from the sky in Iran, China and India in video

Rain of flightless animals has been reported throughout history. In the first century AD, Roman naturalist Pliny The Elder documented storms of frogs and fish. In 1794, French soldiers saw toads fall from the sky during heavy rain Lille in France. Rural inhabitants in Yoro, Honduras, claim ‘fish rain’ happens there every summer, a phenomenon they call Lluvia de Peces. And within the last two days, fish rains were reported in Iran, China and India.

Fish fall from sky over Iran, China and India in April and May 2018

According to witnesses, small fish – same species and size – fell from the sky and covered half of a road in Golpayegan, in the Iranian province of Isfahan, Iran on April 24, 2018. The phenomenon occurred during a heavy storm. One of the many explanations for this strange phenomenon is a tornado or a waterspout that would eject fish from water bodies into the air… There is a dam and a large reservoir just 18 km southeast of the city of Golpayegan. Did the fish fly from there?

Now, if this is not enough, there are three videos captured in China and India over the last few days, showing hundreds of fish covering entire roads, with cars and buses trying to drive around (but it is very difficult when so many lie on the ground).



Nothing has been reported so far on news portals in China or India. This is weird… it would have made the headlines in North America and Europe.

Maybe you can help me? Are these 3 videos old news? I don’t think they are fake, but they are maybe related to a road accident or something similar.

Just as a reminder, powerful storms are raging across India since the beginning of this week. The sudden and most powerful weather event killed more than 100 people 2 days ago. Maybe both phenomena in India are somehow related.

Do you believe in fish or animals falling from the sky?

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