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Elvis, often referred to as “the King of Rock and Roll,” died from a cardiac arrest at his home in Memphis at just 42 years old. His passing, which brought a shock to the world, was said to have been influenced following years of prescription drug abuse. However, many refuse to accept this as the truth, with some even outrageously claiming the Hound Dog singer could still be alive.

Many of these rumours have been fueled by a “sign” that was apparently left on his grave.

The headstone to the star’s grave in Memphis, Tennessee, US, reads as follows: “Elvis Aaron Presley. 

“He was a precious gift from God we cherished and loved dearly.”

However, fans have pointed out the middle name, Aaron, is not spelt correctly.

They quickly refer to his birth certificate, which actually spells the name “Aron”.

A YouTube video was uploaded in January 2016, revealing the bombshell finding and now the same footage has gained popularity once again.

One comment reads: “Elvis is still alive.”

While another suggested: “Let him live his life in peace.”

Last year, American author Gail Brewer-Giorgio made headlines after it was claimed she had a voice recording of Elvis from 1981 – four years after his death.

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“You know I hate to think it’s going to end, but I know sometimes the secret [of being alive] has got to be let out and if it hadn’t have been for getting involved in what I’m involved in now, things and such, maybe it’d be different.

“As far as appearing nationally, I think it would be silly to get back into something that’s taken me this long to get out of.”

Voice recognition expert L.H. Williams later claimed it was Elvis speaking.

He said: “The known voice of Elvis Presley compared with the voice on this tape is the same.”

However, it would appear the legend is not alive after all.

It is true that Elvis spelt his middle name with a single A, but later in his life, he wanted to change the spelling to a double-A.

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