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Whether or not ancient Egyptians had access to advanced technologies that allowed them to use batteries and electricity thousands of years ago is something firmly debated and considered ludicrous by many archaeologists around the world. However, there seem to be numerous pieces of evidence which suggest it is very possible. Many researchers agree that in the distant past, electricity was widely utilised in the land of the Pharaohs, with the Baghdad Battery being one of the most discussed examples of such advanced technology.

In 2009 Netflix documentary “The Pyramid Code”, scientists discuss whether the battery is evidence of the ancient Egyptians having electricity.

The battery is a set of three artefacts found together: a ceramic pot, a tube of copper and a rod of iron.

Although it was discovered in Khujut Rabu, Iraq, many believe it was originally designed in Egypt.

It was hypothesised by some researchers that the object functioned as a galvanic cell, possibly used for electroplating, or some kind of electrotherapy.

The narrator then explains that people were aware of the chemical source of current (CSC) in ancient times before claiming that electricity was “generated and widely used”.

A careful examination of Egyptian history immediately reveals the sophistication in perfect illumination.

No soot has been found in the corridors of the pyramids or the tombs of the kings because these areas were lit using electricity, the documentary adds.

Relief carvings could also show that the Egyptians used hand-held torches powered by cable-free sources.

The arc lamp used in the Lighthouse of Alexandria is further evidence that electricity might have been used in ancient Egypt.

The energy required to power the Lighthouse of Alexandria for 24 hours a day could only have been supplied by a regular electrical source.

Moreover, experiments with models of the Baghdad Battery have produced between 3 and 5 volts. It is not a lot of “juice” when you look at it but then again, it was enough to power “something” small, thousands of years ago.

However, studies suggest that the artefact dates back to the early Medieval period.

If true, it is centuries younger than the pyramids.

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