Earthquake forecast: Planets to align and trigger major quake in days | Science | News

Uranus, Earth and Mars have aligned today, and it could lead to a magnitude six or seven earthquake between now and October 17.

This is according to ‘Global Earthquake Forecaster’ Ditrianum.

The site, run by new age earthquake researcher Frank Hoogerbeets, points to the planetary alignment this week as a cause for concern.

The gravitational pull of Uranus and Mars could pull on Earth’s tectonic plates, according to the prediction.

As the plates are tugged apart, they could cause earthquakes around the globe.

Mr Hoogerbeets claims he uses a Solar System Geometry Index (SSGI) which “is the computation of a dataset for a specific time-frame of values given to specific geometric positions of the planets, the Moon and the Sun”.

He added: “After three years of observations, it became clear that some planetary geometry in the Solar System clearly tends to cause a seismic increase, while other geometry does not.”

In a prediction on his website, Mr Hoogerbeets said: “Several planetary alignments on the 10th, 12th and 15th are likely to trigger a seismic uptick from 10 to 17 October, but from the 10th to the 12th looks most critical with the potential of a high 6 to 7 magnitude earthquake.”

Mr Hoogerbeets does not give any indication where the earthquakes might occur however.

Anything above a seven on the Richter scale is considered to be a “major” earthquake, and only 20 occur a year, according to Michigan Tech University.

But experts have dismissed Mr Hoogerbeets, saying that there is no way earthquakes can be predicted.

John Bellini, a geophysicist at the US Geological Survey (USGS) has said: “We can’t predict or forecast earthquakes.

“Sometimes before a large earthquake you’ll have a foreshock or two, but we don’t know they’re foreshocks until the big one happens.”

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