Bizarre UFO footage sparks panic as mystery orb hovers over terrified town | Weird | News

A mysterious disc was captured in the night sky in the California town of Menifee and has stunned viewers. The UFO appeared to hover in one area with multiple bright lights on it for several minutes. Residents of the area were quick to come out in droves and record the footage while trying to discern what it was.

A group who saw the flying object began recording and attempted to understand the phenomenon.

One confused onlooker said: “What the f*** is that?”

Another witness within the clip questioned whether the lights and outline in the sky could be a group of drones. 

A bystander replied: “They are too high to be drones. Dude, what is that? I need to see.”

Not being able to work out what the strange lights are he exclaimed: “We’re all going to die, it’s the alien’s dude.”

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The video was recorded in October this year but has recently resurfaced online.

In the caption, the uploader claimed over “100 witnesses” saw the craft over Menifee, a town in California.

They also wrote the UFO made “no noise whatsoever”.

They added: “At one point, the huge UFO was just hovering in the same spot for over five minutes before it speeds off into the night sky.”

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