Bigfoot latest: Beast filmed walking upright and roaming through woods with ‘OFFSPRING’ | Weird | News

In the clip, we see a hiker’s eye view as they approach a dark, ape-like figure making its way through the forest.

The camera then zooms in to try and get a clearer image of the creature’s face.

But the suspected Bigfoot quickly moves out of the shot and the video cuts.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube channel Nv Tv has since gone viral.

Racking up almost 40,000 hits in less than a week, viewers added their own opinion on what they saw.

Some viewers even believe they could make out two smaller animals following the main beast.

One posted: “It’s real and it has two young ones as well.

“The Bigfoot leaves them behind and walks forward directing the attention away from the small ones.”

Another thought it was real, saying: “Is it possible that the subject in question is in fact an older sasquatch like you said that’s either unaware of the person or is just trying to carefully get away and the tree snap was caused by another sasquatch in the area that is aware of the person and it’s trying to distract the person from the older one that he’s filming?”

Other, more sceptical viewers, were less than convinced, pointing out the reactions did not seem natural for the mythical beast.

“This is a hoax,” one said.

“First off they would run because cause they don’t want to be seen, and he would have heard the man.

“Secondly, he is the size of a human being.

“Bigfoots are much taller.”

A third simply said: “I think it’s a guy in a suit.”

Similar to the Yet, Bigfoot is a well-known American folklore.

Also known as Sasquatch, it is a hairy, upright-walking, ape-like being, believed to roam the American wilderness.

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