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In the traditional biblical tale on the Garden of Eden, God warned Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in order to protect them. That tree represented Satan, the enemy of God and the source of death. Sadly, Adam and Eve disobeyed God. However, Eve has her own version of the events which makes a different interpretation available.

In Amazon Prime’s “Beasts of the Bible” released in 2010, the narrator questions if the serpent described in Genesis be a poisonous “salamander”.

“We find a biblical commentary over 1600 years old and, in it, Eve’s serpent has some tree-poisoning talents.

“’In ‘Apocalypse of Moses’, Eve tells her children her own version of what happened with the tree and the serpent.”

In her version, she says that the serpent poured the poison of his wickedness into the fruit of the tree and then took and bent down the branch so low that Eve could reach it.

She then reached and took the fruit before eating off it. As soon as she did, she knew everything had changed.

In the traditional tale, Genesis tells how God created the first human being, Adam. Then, because Adam needed a companion, God created the first woman, Eve, from one of Adam’s ribs.

God created for these first two humans a perfect garden, known as the Garden of Eden and later called paradise, where everything was beautiful and full of good things for them.

However, also in this garden was the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve were told by God that they could eat anything in the garden except the fruit of this tree.

Though not specified in the Bible, this fruit was traditionally held to be an apple. Adam and Eve were told by God not to eat it.

However, Eve was tempted to eat the fruit by the deceit of the devil, who was in the form of a serpent, so ate it along with Adam.

As a result, they fell from innocence, were cast out of Eden and experienced mortality.

It resulted in the development of a God in humankind’s image, who was vengeful, punitive and bloodthirsty.

It caused people to see themselves as separate, isolated selves who needed to be protected. This self must also “fight its own corner” and put itself first.

The documentary shows a manuscript which reveals that the serpent in Genesis poisoned the fruit of the tree before giving it to Eve, according to the narrator.

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