Apollo 15 video: How come can you hear hammering in a vacuum?

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This is from Apollo 15 NASA footage. If you did Physics at school or college you will know that sound cannot travel in a vacuum. Yet we can hear the Astronaut’s Hammer Strokes in this clip. Space is a vacuum = No Air and thus: ‘In Space no-one can hear you scream.’ All Astronaut communication is through headset radio. Vibrations cannot travel through the vacuum even to the astronaut’s radio, so the hammer strokes should be silent, yet we can hear them! Conclusion: Either there is Air on the Moon or NASA faked the Apollo 15 program. Or… Let me know!

Footage of Apollo 15 astronauts has again surfaced online, that appears to depict two astronauts placing a vacuum onto the ground on the Moon to retrieve material. Sound is not supposed to be recorded on the Moon as it was apparently in this recording. Scientists are reportedly baffled at the fact that in the video, when astronauts hammer the vacuum into the surface of the Moon, the sound of the hammer striking the object can be heard.

Jim Irwin with the Lunar Roving Vehicle on the first lunar surface EVA of Apollo 15. By NASA via Wikipedia

People who theorize that nobody has actually been to the Moon are wondering why dull noises can be heard in the video as the hammer hits the thing, as in the vacuum of space you’re not supposed to hear sound, with no air to work with the vibration.

So here a few hypotheses:

  • On YouTube somebody noted that he believes communication between the astronauts in the video is done via a headset radio. The vibrations of sound from the hammer would probably not travel through the vacuum to the astronaut’s radio headset, but they are audible in the video.
  • Some even suggested it is indicative that the Apollo 15 program was faked, or there is actually air on the Moon.
  • Another person suggested that perhaps the reason why hammering sounds were audible in the video is because while the astronaut struck the object, the vibrations traveled up his arm and the sound was captured through the microphone on his suit, and that would explain the dullness of the sound.
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The prime crew of the Apollo 15 lunar landing mission. From left to right: Scott, Worden, Irwin. By NASA via Wikipedia

There is distinctively a sound. What do you think?

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