ALIENS LATEST: Claims these images are ‘ruined steps’ and ‘sea shell’ found on Mars | Weird | News

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Prolific UFO seeker Scott C Waring claims to have found some ruined steps and a sea shell in pictures taken on the Martian surface by the NASA Curiosity and Spirit rover droids.

In postings on his website, he also claims to have found evidence of hieroglyphics and alien faces carved into rocks in some of the images.

NASA said this week the chances of finding any life on Mars were much slimmer now as streaks in high areas it thought were caused by surface water, were probably cause by sand.

Despite this, Mr Waring claims to have found in recent months scores of examples of living Earth-like creatures, fossils, other ruins, and even alien humanoids.

Discussing his latest findings on his website, he said: “So, the NASA camera takes a close up of an object on the rover and in the background they catch, yeah, you guessed it, three signs of life. 

“Two of these signs are proof of intelligent life, enough to sculpt the faces of their culture into the stones. 

“The third sign was of a lower creature, a sea shell nearby.

“Now I know that NASAs motto is ‘For the benefit of all’, but really?

“They are not sticking to that belief at all with all the evidence I have found near the Mars rover.”

In another post he said: “These hieroglyphics were in a Spirit rover photo. This particular one shows a rock-like structure that contains writing or pictures intended to communicate a message to others.”

But sceptical debunkers say these are the result of pareidolia, a phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or faces in patters like clouds or the surface of a rock, combined with Mr Waring’s over active imagination.

He is not alone, with scores of other avid YouTubers looking for signs of life on Mars, the Moon, and further-flung planets.

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