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Gatwick Airport was plunged into chaos in late December after drone sightings caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled, leaving hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded. However, alien hunters believe they have found the truth behind the supposed drone sights – extraterrestrial spaceships. The claim comes after bright flashing lights were seen above the airport on January 7, with some bizarre claims saying the craft was too big to be a drone.

This has led to conspiracy theorists to claim aliens were responsible for the Gatwick chaos all along and the government attempted to cover it up by saying it was drones.

The sighting of a UFO was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube channel Conspiracy Stoner where it quickly garnered worldwide attention.

Prominent alien hunter Scott C Waring wrote on his website UFO Sightings Daily: “This eyewitness caught a UFO flashing above the British airways jets at the Gatwick Airport.

“The airport was just closed due to drone activity and this may be one of the drones, but the eyewitness says this object is way too big to be a drone.

“As I have suggested, the reports of drones may be fake reports by the airport to confuse the public and lead them away from the truth that this may be an alien craft that frequently visits the Gatwick Airport in London.”

Around 1,000 flights were cancelled or diverted across three days after drones were spotted inside the perimeter of the UK’s second biggest airport on December 19.

Gatwick Airport has offered a £50,000 reward, through Crimestoppers, and another £10,000 has been put up by the charity’s chairman Lord Ashcroft to catch the culprits responsible for the chaos, which affected around 140,000 passengers.

Sussex Police admitted that they still do not know who is behind the drone disruption but were following up a “number of persons of interest”.

They believe more than one individual and more than one drone are involved, with more than 50 sightings of the devices in 24 hours.

Sussex Police Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said: “We are keeping all options open in terms of what the motivation might have been.”

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