After the typhoon, now a M6.6 earthquake! Japan is currently being hit by a wave of dramatic natural disasters

As if a natural disaster was hiding the next one… After Super Typhoon Jebi, now a M6.6 earthquake hit Japan! And that in less than 24 hours apart. A dramatic wave of natural disasters.

M6.6 earthquake hits Japan on September 5 2018

According to first videos online, Sapporo was plunged into dark after the earthquake that hit Japan 26km ESE of Chitose on September 5, 2018 at 6:07pm (UTC):

No tsunami warning has been issued following the earthquake, which was initially reported as a Magnitude 7.0.

The strong M6.6 earthquake hit the island of Hokkaido at a depth of 31 km (19 miles). The powerful earthquake has rocked the city of Sapporo in northern Japan just hours after large parts of the south of the country were battered by the biggest typhoon to hit in 25 years.

Meanwhile, a M5.4 earthquake hit the Chelyabinsk region in Russia on September 5, 2018, causing panic among residents and triggering the evacuation of a hospital, some schools and homes. This earthquake becomes the second largest in this region. The record is a M5.5 earthquake that hit Bilimbae in 1914 in Bilimbay. The earthquake was felt in Bashkiria, the Chelyabinsk region and in the south of the Sverdlovsk region:

The earthquake produced cracks in the walls of buildings.

earthquake chelyabinsk ural september 4 2018, earthquake chelyabinsk ural september 4 2018 map, rare earthquake chelyabinsk ural september 4 2018
Rare earthquake hits the chelyabinsk region in Ural on September 4, 2018. via USGS

Nobody was severely hurt, but many people woke up in fear!

The seismic unrest is increasing again! Be ready or get prepared!

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USGS – M6.6 earthquake – 26km ESE of Chitose, Japan
USGS – M5.4 – 15km WNW of Katav-Ivanovsk, Russia
VK – Consequences of the earthquake in Ural
VK – second strongest earthquake hit the Chelyabinsk Region in Ural

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