Winter solstice 2017: What time is sunset in the UK, USA and India today? | Science | News

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Today solstice also marks the first day of the winter in the astronomical calendar, which is based on astronomy instead of the weather. 

What time is sunset in the UK?

With only seven hours and 50 minutes of daylight today, sunset is set to take place at 3.53pm GMT today, according to website. 

Today will be followed by the longest night of the year. For those of us who hate dark mornings and cold weather, tomorrow will be the beginning of longer days ahead.

What time is sunset on the winter solstice in the USA?

Although the solstice happens at exactly the same time for everyone on Earth, the time will be different according to what time zone you live in.

Sunset in the USA varies due to the vast geographical size of the country, which has four standard time zones.

In New York, which has Eastern Standard Time (EST), sunset will take place today at 4.31pm. There are five hours and 50 minutes fewer daylight hours than in June.

In Los Angeles, the time zone is Pacific Standard Time (PST). Sunset is at 4.47pm and the day is four hours and 32 minutes shorter than the summer solstice.

What time is sunset on the winter solstice in India?

In India, where there is only Indian Standard Time (IST), sunset again varies slightly depending on where you live according to other factors.

In the country’s capital New Delhi, situated in the north of the country, sunset is at 5.28pm.

Over in the west in Mumbai, sunset takes place at 6.06pm compared with Bengaluru in the South where it is 5.58pm.

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