UFO over NORTH KOREA? Hunters in frenzy after spotting ‘ALIEN CRAFT’ over rogue state | Weird | News

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Eagle-eyed viewers who have been watching a live-feed from the International Space Station (ISS) claim to have spotted UFOs flying over North Korea.

A video from conspiracy YouTube channel UFOmania shows a bright object zooming above the land in North Korea.

On the video, what appears to be a white object can be seen shooting across the country.

The video says: “This unidentified object entered the upper layers of the atmosphere over North Korea.

“The object was captured with a camera installed on the International Space Station.”

The video adds that some believe it is a UFO of alien origin, while others claim it could be a military craft.

Some people were convinced of the video’s authenticity.

One user, Frank Mccracken, said: “Don’t think it’s a plane. No plane I’ve ever seen or heard of. Who knows”.

Another person, onigk612, added: “Obviously it is a UFO because it’s an unidentified flying object but I think it could be missile test.”

However, others said that there was a more natural explanation for the mysterious sighting, claiming that it is probably just a reflection from the Sun.

Arekusu was particularly scathing, writing: “This is just the Sun’s reflection. People nowadays don’t have a brain.”

Jonathon Kearney added: “Is this video about the Sun’s reflection on the small bodies of water?”

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