Time travel shock reveal: Man shows ‘real time machine’ that has ‘taken him to the future’ | Science | News

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David was eager to show off the ‘remote control’ to the machine

David was eager to show off the “remote control” to the machine that he claims is only able to take him forward in time.

He explained: “Look, this is the remote control. Each detail has its special importance.

“I had made it two years ago and I thank Jack.

“He opened all the secrets and the most important algorithm, which can give the chance to choose the time to travel.

“The little screen on which numbers are typed. This is the part where you can type the time you like.

“Frankly speaking I have already used the remote control and made the time machine.

“I have even travelled with it, after hard work I did it.

“I have travelled nearly 20 times by my own machine.

“But Jack’s machine is better, with my machine I can only travel in the future.”

The “time traveller” explained that he met Jack in France as he searched for a way to put together a time machine that he “dreamed” of making.

He went on: “I’m David, I live in the capital of Slovenia

“My life has passed here and I started physics from childhood. I like to do experiments and I hope my time to shine will come.

“I do like to work with electric energy.

“Everything started from the strange invention by the help of which I wanted to express my attitude today, electric energy.

“I speak about the time machine, I dreamed about making it. Eight years ago I left everything even my family to make the machine, it was my main goal.”

David explained that his search for the time travel formula took him “through the whole world”.

He detailed that he met fellow “time traveller” Jack in France.

Jack possessed a machine that allowed him to “travel in the future or in the past”.

David went on: “During that investigation, I have passed through the whole world.

“In order to find some facts I have met many people and listened to both real and unreal stories.

“I have found facts, for example I met a person who had a wound on the head from a laser weapon.

Time travel 'shock proof'YouTube Apex TV

David explained that his search for the time travel formula took him ‘through the whole world’

“Another person showed me a photo from the 35th century.

“In France I even met a person who had made a time machine which worked with the help of electricity and water.

“His name is Jack Lion Cousteau, this happened in 28. One could travel in the future or in the past. Jack had even been in the fifth century.

Time travel 'shock proof'YouTube Apex TV

David explained his machine is only able to take him forward in time

“He told me that the machine had been made three years ago and during that time he had travelled only 40 times.

“I found out that travelling can hurt very much because the machine works with the help of electric energy. Huge energy.

“It passed through the wall barrier and could leave serious damage.”

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