Russian residents of Yekaterinburg see ALIEN greeting or meteor crash | Weird | News

Videos have emerged that appear to show a glowing green light travelling across the sky before crashing into earth.

The unidentified object was caught on camera in the early hours of Monday morning and fell near the southern outskirts of the city near the local EXPO exhibition centre and Koltsovo airport.

Despite the video evidence of the incident taking place, the Russian Emergency Ministry’s branch in the country’s Sverdlovsk region has said there were no reports of any such events taking place.

The airport also failed to see the green light.

A representative from the airport said that it was operating in a normal routine fashion.

Some residents in the city who saw the light believe that they may have seen a meteorite or signs alien life.

One person on Twitter said, “well, now there are aliens left to meet” while talking about a “meteorite” they saw fall from the sky.

Another Twitter user joked it was “typical Ural news”.

The city of Yekaterinburg is located near to the Ural mountains, implying that incidents may be commonplace.

However, some local media outlets have cited an EXPO centre spokesperson as saying that the “fall of the meteorite” was due to a marketing campaign that was being held by a local business.

They said the green light was due to the administration of a local amusement park unveiling their so-called Space New Year’s Tree.

The organisers of the local amusement park are believed to have decided to hold the event to raise the profile of the exhibits of the Cosmonautics Museum and the attractions for the Christmas tree.

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