Real-life WEREWOLF: Man ‘covered in fur tormented town for 25 years | Weird | News

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Peter Stumpp was a German farmer who claimed to have mastered the art of black magic. Over the period of more than two decades, Stumpp had allegedly been an “insatiable bloodsucker” who gorged on the flesh of goats, lambs, and sheep, as well as men, women, and children. He claimed that the devil had given him a magical belt that enabled him to metamorphose into “the likeness of a greedy, devouring wolf, strong and mighty, with eyes great and large”.

For years, the local residents of Bedburg, Germany, believed a real-life werewolf was savaging their livestock. 

However, in 1589, Stumpp’s appalling plot was finally foiled, it was revealed in Netflix’s “Top 10 Mysteries and Secrets series”. 

The 2016 documentary details how a search party looking for a missing person found Stumpp covered in fur. 

“Tales of a wolf-like beast walking on its hind legs, covered in fur had spread across the town,” the narrator revealed.

“But instead of an animal, they found the farmer Peter Stumpp with a strip of wolf skin in his hands.”

He was publicly killed for his crimes during one of the most brutal executions ever. 

A 16-page document detailing the full case was produced in London in 1590 and can now be seen on display at the British Museum. 

The evidence, describes Stumpp’s life, crimes and trial in great detail. 

It includes many statements from neighbours and witnesses.

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