Picture of the giant penis in downtown Sacramento

Picture of the giant cock painted on Sacramento Office Building. Picture via Neogaf

This is the picture of the large penis that was painted on top of a downtown Sacramento building and that all news videos show blurred.

Is it really too crude to show? I would say, it’s just a large penis about the size of mine :-).

Too bad, this giant cock was only visible for around 20 minutes across two full stories of a building on 9th and H streets, right in Sacramento downtown.

When I hear this woman saying: ” Now, to an artistic display, that is not ok… A giant image of male genitalia painted on the side of the downtown Sacramento building…” I just can stop laughing!

The artist behind this weird drawing is part of Wide Open Walls, a program that allows artists to beautify the city by covering bare walls with murals.

Of course this was just a joke! And it actually only shows a part of the anatomical structure of the human body. Nothing to really be offended about. it’s just so funny!

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