Mysterious steaming crater emits fire in Eagle, Alaska

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A mysterious geologic event that is emitting fire, steam and a sulfur smell baffles residents and officials in Eagle, Alaska.

As if a little volcano crater had opened up out-of-nowhere.

A mysterious steaming crater opened up after explosion in Eagle, Alaska. Picture by NPS

Alaska Public reports that a mysterious geologic event occured near Eagle, Alaska, where a large and mysterious crater between 150 to 200 feet formed following an explosion.

Since then fire, steam and a sulfur smell is coming out of the abyssal ground collapse.

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The mysterious crater appears to be as deep as 150 to 200 feet and is burning since its discovery end of 2012 in Eagle, Alaska. Picture by NPS

The area is located about 25 miles Northeast of Eagle on Doyon land and is very hard to reach. The only overflight photographs available yet show a steaming crater.

NPS and USGS geologists think it is a shale oil rock deposit since the area has already 2 slumping craters, covering an area of more than 5 acres large.

So like the Door to Hell, this fire may have been burning underground for some time and finally burned enough to cause a slump or a crater like depression in the earth. Awesome phenomenon.


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