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Contacting “Psychic Twins” Terry and Linda Jamison, Diana wanted to pass on a message to Meghan about becoming a mother. Speaking to, the “Psychic Twins” claimed Diana wanted to warn Meghan her family could “start instigating trouble” when her baby is born. Diana also wanted to want Meghan “not to be like me” as “this is a recipe for insanity”, according to the bizarre claim.

Weeks before Meghan’s pregnancy was officially announced in October – the “Psychic Twins” predicted the Duchess was pregnant.

The twins quoted what Diana told them about Meghan: “I am over the moon about the imminent arrival of your first born.

“Your baby will be very close with Will and Kate’s children, and I see them doing many play dates and activities together.”

The “Psychic Twins” also said Diana believed Meghan and Harry looked happy and their love was “pure”.

The Psychic Twins quoted Diana: “It warms my heart to see how happy you both look, and it is sincere a very pure kind of love. I don’t see you having twins, at least not with this pregnancy, although that is in the headlines a lot.

“Moving and travelling was quite stressful for you, Meghan, on top of pregnancy. I feel you will navigate the transition quite well.”

The twins also said Meghan’s baby would bring joy to the Royal Family and the world would fall in love.

However with the good the twins said Diana had a few warnings to add.

The twins say Diana added: “Make sure you take time to rest Meghan. You are so hardworking, and not prone to taking your own good advice. Don’t be surprised if your family tries to get involved and starts instigating trouble. Your great humour will carry you through.”

Diana also told the twins that Meghan and Harry are “always divinely protected on your path” although it might be rocky at times.

Diana told the twins: “As busy as you both are, you really should strive to set aside time for each other too, without too much outside distraction.

“You are both more sensitive than others in the family, and spending private time together will keep your relationship strong.”

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