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Mankind has already embarked on its cosmic voyage by attempting to explore our solar system when, on July 20, 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. A compelling book that provokes the authenticity of the Apollo record also questions the emergence of self-aware life on another planet, namely Mars. Two researchers claim that without a moon of an appropriate size and a companion planet of an equal size, no planet is capable of bringing forth self-aware life.

The environment on Mars is “harsh” claims cosmologist Laurence Krauss, author of “A Universe from Nothing” who said the atmosphere is 100 times thinner [than Earth], the average temperature is 80 degrees below 0.

Though, speaking in a 2015 interview with CNN, Mr Krauss said: “There may have been life on Mars, there may have even been extinct microbial life on Mars.”

David S. Percy and Mary D. M. Bennett, author of “Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-blowers” have questioned an existing hypothesis of a colonising civilisation on Mars which was obliged to leave the Red Planet when the climate changed.

The theory suggests traumatic climate change forced them to leave, however, Mr Percy and Ms Bennett present a new “more interesting” theory in their 1999 book.

The possibility that the climate became “incapable of supporting life following the departure of a colonising civilisation that had been artificially maintaining the Red Planet”.

The authors claim that Mars could “never naturally become a blue-green planet [like Earth] because it does not have any of the criteria required”.

The criteria, as the book suggests, is that it has no companion planet of the correct size and Mars is orbiting naturally at too slow a rate to generate the essential magnetic field.

However, with the correct technology, Mr Percy and Ms Bennett claim Mars was made to orbit at the “right rate” and “thus became habitable for colonising self-aware beings”.

The book also makes claims that it was in the Cydonia complex [the northern hemisphere of Mars] that it was those who temporarily colonised the red rock planet.

According to David S. Percy and Mary D. M. Bennett’s research, which was compiled over 5 years, this technological possibility would be “valid for many planets that orbit too slowly and human beings will probably end up learning how to perfect this technique also”.

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